We are a law firm specialized in labour, employment and conflict resolutions. We commit entirely to each of our clients and their needs, whether it’s legal advice, labour relations, mediation or conflict management. We foster a privileged relationship with every client in order to reach targeted and realistic solutions.

We offer services tailored to every situation: legal disputes, grievances, workplace harassment, labour contracts, dismissals, complaints, labour standards, investigations and mediation of all kinds. We offer legal advice and training according to your needs. Questions? Contact us!

Our clients

Our firm represents and advises employers in all business sectors and types of workplace (SMEs, large private, public and parapublic organizations). As a result, our experience is widely diverse.

Our vision

We are real business partners looking for lasting and rewarding business relationships with our clients. In this context, we offer rates and different billing formulas allowing cost predictability while reinforcing the quality and strength of our partnership and relationship. We adapt to your legal needs.

Our network

Over the years, we have developed a wide network of contacts in various government agencies as well as in the labour and management communities, allowing us to act promptly and effectively. Our reputation, credibility and understanding of the environment allow us to call on the expertise of other colleagues or experts in complementary fields. At all times, our objective is to provide the most appropriate solutions to clients’ issues.

Resorting to external consultants is done openly, with clients’ consent, because we believe that transparency is one of the keys to healthy business relationships.